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Kangaroo Island Art Sales

WOW, thanks guys had a great day of art sales today, 3 pieces sold on Kangaroo Island at Emu Ridge. Thanks Cathy from QLD, I hope that “Marco Polo”  is well received. My last large “Hide and Seek” was sold to Carlyne in SA, many people have wanted this last one but it was in a frame so it was hard for travelers to take with them, I know your son will enjoy his Xmas gift and I am glad you bought a “Marco Polo” for yourself. Thanks again!

If anyone is looking for a unique piece of art for a Gift this Xmas have a look at my website!


  1. admin says:

    Thanks Carlyne, wow, Im glad you like my work! I love making them and I want people to feel just like you do when they look at my art. You’ve made my day! Have a great Xmas. Tiff

  2. CARLYNE says:

    HI! Could not help myself. Purchased framed NO 1 “GREAT SOUTHERN LAMB” this morning. Love your work. You are very clever. All the best in all your other projects but please keep up your artwork so more people can smile just like us every time we walk past ours or just sit in front of it. Much more interesting than television. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT.